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Sodium Bicarbonate USP

What is Sodium Bicarbonate?


 Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a compound element with the molecular structure NaHCOor CHNA03. Therefore, it is a combination of Sodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen molecules. In appearance, it is a white crystal-like powder, and does not have any associated smell; it is odorless. It is most commonly known for its ability to act as a buffering agent, and as an electrolyte replenisher.


What Does USP Mean?

The USP designation is important to look out for when purchasing products to be used in food or medical grade products. USP stands for the United States Pharmacopeia and designates that a certain product has been manufactured using a standard, approved, and uniform process. This designation also guarantees that they have undergone the proper testing and ensures that they have met certain standards. Any product that holds the USP designation is guaranteed to meet necessary identity, potency, purity, and performance standards.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets

            One of the most well-known uses for Sodium Bicarbonate is to reduce stomach acid and indigestion. It is used as a very fast acting and effective treatment for heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. It does not have the ability to cure these disorders, but it can be used for quick, short term relief of associated symptoms. Should you experience any long term stomach acid problems you should consider seeing a doctor as the issue may be more serious.


            There are several forms of Sodium Bicarbonate that can be used for the treatment of stomach acid, such as tablets, solution, powder, granules, or capsules. However, the two most common are tablets and powder. Some tablets can be taken how they come, like other pill type medications. Other tablets must be dropped into water and allowed to dissolve before drinking the liquid. Powder is similar in that it can be taken by itself or with water. However, most people find it more pleasant to take with water.


Sodium Bicarbonate Can Neutralize Odors

            When Sodium Bicarbonate mixes with an acidic or alkaline substance it has a balancing effect on the pH of the substance, making whatever solution it is added to more neutral. This can be beneficial for fighting offensive odors around the house or office. Consider the following examples:


         Freshen your breath:

 Mouths are a warm, dark places making it them perfect breeding ground for many strains of bacteria. Unfortunately, everyone’s mouth has some level of bacteria, eventually this bacteria can cause bad breath. You can combat this by mixing 1 teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate powder in a glass of water, swishing the mixture around your mouth and spitting. In addition, it is also a great additive for toothpaste. In addition to neutralizing odors, it also is mildly abrasive making it perfect for helping brush plaque off teeth, without being too abrasive.


         Freshen your laundry:

Sodium Bicarbonate can be combined with your normal laundry detergent, for an extra odor fighting boost. The mild abrasive qualities also help scrub out tough to get out stains.


         Freshen the Refrigerator:

Whether it is your refrigerator at home or at the office, it is easy for unwanted and forgotten food to be pushed to the back leading to spoiled food which causes bad odors. Even that fresh cut onion might quickly create offensive odors that carry through the space with every opening. Keeping and open container of Sodium Bicarbonate powder, or baking soda, in the back of the refrigerator can help absorb and neutralize unwanted odors.  


         Sodium Bicarbonate Deodorant:

The odor fighting ability of Sodium Bicarbonate does not discriminate. Many are worried about the dangers of cancer associated with traditional deodorant. Because Sodium Bicarbonate has such great odor fighting abilities it works great as a deodorant! Many people just sprinkle a small amount under their arms before starting the day! For those who have sensitive skin however, this practice may prove to be too abrasive. But, Sodium Bicarbonate is a key ingredient for homemade deodorant varieties.


Sodium Bicarbonate is a Great Cleaner


         Household Cleaning Products:

Because Sodium Bicarbonate is a mild alkali, it is a very effective cleaning agent. When added with a small amount of water it causes dirt and grease to dissolve easily, allowing for easy and effortless cleanup. As mentioned, it is mildly abrasive so it also helps with cutting hard, stuck on debris, much the same way the rough part of a sponge does. Sodium Bicarbonate is a safe, non-toxic, alternative to many of the dangerous household cleaning products we have become accustomed to. It is all natural product that can be used to clean sinks, floors, toilets, drains, microwaves, and more.


         Sodium Bicarbonate Shampoo:

Many studies are showing that the dangerous chemicals found in common shampoos can not only be harmful for our hair, but also our bodies. Since Sodium Bicarbonate can cut grease and neutralize odors it makes a great shampoo substitute.


         Sodium Bicarbonate for Cleaning a Coffee Pot:

Using dish soap and water is fatal mistake for any coffee lover. It is nearly impossible to completely rinse out all of the soap, leaving your coffee with that distinct taste of soap. Instead, mix ¼ cup Sodium Bicarbonate with warm water and allow to soak overnight. In the morning you will only need to dump and rinse!


Sodium Bicarbonate is a Great Buffer:

As mentioned Sodium Bicarbonate is a neutral compound. It can be added to a variety of other substances to work as a buffering agent. It had to ability to lower the acidity of an overly acid substance, as well as increase the acidity in an overly basic substance. It also has the ability to help substances maintain certain PH levels. For this reason, Sodium Bicarbonate is used by municipalities to help maintain volatile systems like sewage.


Sodium Bicarbonate for Fire Protection:

Adding water to grease or electrical fires is not only dangerous, but also ineffective. Sodium Bicarbonate is the best solution for these types of fires. As Sodium Bicarbonate is heated it releases carbon dioxide and produces water. Carbon dioxide has a heavier density than oxygen so it works by smothering the fire, and not allowing oxygen to continue to feed the fire.