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Vegetable Glycerin USP Food Grade >99.7% Palm-Derived

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Mark Phillips
Excellent Customer Service

The Vegetable Glycerin was great quality and is 100% as described. The "REAL VALUE" was in the Customer Service. I had an issue with the shipment. Glycerin Supplier "IMMEDIATELY" took care of the problem and shipped a replacement right away. I could not have asked for better service. I understand human errors. We all make them, including myself. The real testament is how quickly, and without any backlash whatsoever, Glycerin Supplier corrected the mistake and took care of my concerns. Glycerin Supplier has my highest endorsement for a vendor. WELL DONE Glycerin Supplier ! ! !

Krishna Bala

Very good service and quality

Kurt Weimer

The product is not being used as typical. For my needs it is perfect in regards to being clean. Searching other sources this product has a great benefit to cost. Shipping and delivery was tops

Michael Schmidt

Vegetable Glycerin USP Food Grade >99.7% Palm-Derived

Ivan Halvorson Artist
Well packaged

Very happy with my purchase

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Glycerin SupplierGlycerin Supplier VG Conversion Chart

Milliliter Ounces Liter Quarts Gallons Pounds
250ml 250 8.454 0.25 0.264 0.066 0.695
1 Liter 1000 33.814 1 1.05669 0.264 2.78
1 Gallon 3785.41 128 3.785 4 1 10.524
4 Gallons 15141.6 512 15.145 16 4 42.09
50lb. 17985.41 608.16 17.99 19.01 4.75 50
551lb. 198199.04 6701.9 198.2 209.44 52.36 551
Ounces: 8.454
Liters: 0.25
Quarts: 0.264
Gallons: 0.066
Pounds: 0.695
1 Liter
Milliliters: 1000
Ounces: 33.814
Quarts: 1.05669
Gallons: 0.264
Pounds: 2.78
1 Gallon
Milliliters: 3785.41
Ounces: 128
Liters: 3.785
Quarts: 4
Gallons: 1
Pounds: 10.524
4 Gallons
Milliliters: 15141.6
Ounces: 512
Liters: 15.145
Quarts: 16
Gallons: 4
Pounds: 42.09
50 Pounds
Milliliters: 17985.41
Ounces: 608.16
Liters: 17.99
Quarts: 19.01
Gallons: 4.75
Pounds: 50
551 Pounds
Milliliters: 198199.04
Ounces: 6701.9
Liters: 198.2
Quarts: 209.44
Gallons: 52.36
Pounds: 551

Online vendors sell VG in various weight/volume amounts. Unfortunately, some of them mislead consumers by advertising the amounts inaccurately (not taking into account the product's density). This makes comparison shopping difficult. We created this chart to assist customers in finding the best possible deals. The conversion table above is based on our VG's density of 1.26 g/cm3 (10.515 lbs/gal). Glycerin Supplier prides itself on offering the lowest price on vegetable glycerin anywhere. Compare and see for yourself.

If you are purchasing drums the LTL Freight quote is a retail shipping quote. If you CALL US 99.9% of the time we can get you a considerably lower rate.

What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable Glycerin also known as glycerol or “VG” for short, is a clear and odorless organic compound, made from soy, palm, or coconut oil, that has been gaining in popularity. It has a wide range of uses related to health, beauty, skin care, and even pharmaceutical uses. For these reasons, it is important to understand that as a consumer you only want to use top of the line organic Kosher USP Vegetable Glycerin. Crude Glycerin is a type of glycerin that is made as a waste product of biodiesel fuel. Glycerin made in this way is very impure and the process by which purification can take place is very lengthy and very difficult. For this reason, it is important that as a consumer you trust your source so that you know you only getting Kosher USP VG.

How is OUR VG made?

All glycerin has the same chemical compound: C3H8O3. This formula contains 3 Carbon atoms, 8 Hydrogen atoms, and 3 Oxygen atoms. There is no difference in the many used terms for glycerin only the process by which it was made. We only source the highest quality Kosher USP Vegetable Glycerin. Therefore our VG is made through a process called HYDROLISIS. During this process the vegetable oil is placed under the combined forces of pressure, heat and water. The ester bonds then begin to breakdown, breaking the glycerin free from the fatty acids, allowing them to join with the water. The process continues with distillation that results in an even more pure finished product.

Benefits/Uses of Vegetable Glycerin:

VG can be used in food applications because of its mildly sweet taste. Due to its organic and very pure properties it can be used as a sugar substitute. Glycerin is also used to make a wide array of household products such as lotions, make up, hair care products etc. Glycerin is considered a humectant, meaning that it holds moisture to the skin. This acts in two ways, first leaving your skin hydrated, and secondly allowing the active ingredient in your product to be more soluble. Vegetable glycerin can also replace alcohol in herbal mixtures and tonics.

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