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Mineral OIL NF 70

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Heather Ramay
Amazing Experience!!

Incredible customer service, amazing product. Super happy with this experience!

Diane Hilliard
Exactly what I needed

Easy check-out, fast shipping, product is exactly as described
I use this in my 16" slab saw and it is great.

Jeanette B.
Great product

Works great for rock slab saw


The mineral oil came quickly and caps were taped so they would not leak.

robert Williamson
Great Stuff

I've ordered another gallon of Mineral OIL NF 70. This is great stuff AND the shipping is safe, secure, and fast. Thank you!


What is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless byproduct of the distillation process used to create gasoline from crude oil. Since it is created as a byproduct in an already common process, it is relatively inexpensive. Some people are afraid to use mineral oil products because of this, but they should not be. The World Health Organization has classified highly refined mineral oil as a category 3 substance, this means it is not suspected of being associated with cancer of any form. Before mineral oil is approved for use in skin care products it is highly filtered and refined, removing any impurities that might make it unsafe for human consumption or use.

What is Mineral Oil 70NF?

Mineral Oil 70NF refers to a type of oil that is very light weight, and is sometimes referred to as white mineral oil. This type of mineral oil is one of the purest forms of mineral oil, making it one of the most versatile. Because of its high purity rating it is known to be safe in products intended for use on human skin or human consumption. Any time you want to use mineral oil by itself or as an ingredient in skin care products you should make sure you are using Mineral Oil 70NF. Other forms may not be as pure, and as a result they may not be safe for their intended use.

Mineral Oil is Great for your skin!

Dry itchy skin can be caused by a variety of factors including dehydration, pollutants found in the air, or even internal causes such as eczema. Sometimes the skin will appear to be dry and irritated. Overall it is just of life’s great annoyances and people are often scrambling for solutions. While mineral oil cannot cure any conditions like eczema, it can be used to treat the symptoms, and can prove to be a life saver, especially during those long winter months.  Any time you are thinking of using a new product in relation to any illness or disorder, please contact your medical provider.

When added to products like moisturizers and lotions mineral oil acts as an emollient. An emollient is any substance that has skin softening or soothing qualities. This means that it has qualities that will help your skin retain moisture, and even soften and make skin smoother. It does this by creating a thin layer of oil on top of the skin which traps water and nutrients below. For this reason, application of mineral oil to the skin is the most effective if used directly after a shower or bath. This helps keep your skin hydrated and properly nourished. Mineral oil can be found in a variety of everyday products. For example, baby oil is a type of mineral oil that has had perfume added to it, hence its pleasant scent. Some people are worried that application of any oil to the skin might cause clogged pores, leading to further skin blemishes and breakouts however they need not worry. While it is recommended that you not over do any skin care regimen and that you always clean off the oil after a reasonable time, Mineral Oil is noncomedogenic. Noncomedogenic substances are known for not clogging pores and having low risk for allergic reaction. This means that it can even be safe for children.  


Because mineral oil is so great for the skin, it has long been used in the cosmetic industry. Within this industry these oils are utilized for their unique moisturizing, cleansing and protective qualities. Any products used in cosmetic lines should be of the highest quality, making it important to keep an eye out for the 70NF rating. When used in cosmetic products mineral oil is produced to have a high viscosity. This means that the oil with be rather thick in texture. This prevents the oil from penetrating the skin. Rather the oil will sit on top of the skin allowing the skin to retain moisture. In addition, it also has water repellant properties.

Mineral Oil Can Be Used to Treat Household Wood

Over time wood furniture loses its luster and can appear dull and worn-down. It is even susceptible to acquiring small nicks from years of use and love. Many people are familiar with purchasing those expensive furniture polishes from the hardware store. But what a lot of people do not know is that they can use mineral oil as an inexpensive alternative. Mineral oil can be applied to wood furniture by application with a clean cloth. After letting the wood absorb the oil you can wipe it down again to remove any lingering residue. Doing this will bring back that beautiful shine and allow you to enjoy your beloved pieces once more.

In addition, wood cutting boards are great to keep in the kitchen, but they are constantly being washed and scrubbed to remove food particles and bacteria. They quickly start becoming brittle and full of knife marks. Further, it is common for liquid from food to seep into the wood later creating unwanted smells.  Regularly treating cutting boards can help prevent these knife marks and unwanted lingering odors. In doing so, it also makes them safer to use. Those indentions are a great place for bacteria to live, and thoroughly washing those crevices can be hard, and is often over looked.

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