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Vegetable Glycerin USP Certified Organic

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What is Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher?

Glycerin Supplier is a wholesale distributor of certified organic vegetable glycerin. Organic glycerin is refined from organic coconut oil. Clear, colorless, and odorless, our organic glycerin can be used for a vast measure of applications. Our glycerin has a sweet taste and its pure properties maintain moisture by acting as a humectant, pulling oxygen in. This makes it perfect for organic food, skincare, and pharmaceutical products. This type of glycerin is right for those looking to produce an organic product but can’t figure out where to find organic vegetable glycerin.

Being soluble in water and alcohol, USP organic vegetable glycerin has become a staple in manufacturer ingredient lists. Glycerin Supplier’s naturally sourced organic glycerin is especially helpful to those looking to add quality to their products because it is kosher, non-GMO, and does not contain soy.

What is the difference between our Certified Organic Glycerin and USP Vegetable Glycerin?

Glycerin Supplier organic glycerin is designed as a sustainable, natural, and carbon-neutral product. Unlike regular vegetable glycerin, buying organic glycerin comes with many benefits which is what results in higher price comparisons. It is acceptable to be used in certified organic products and because it requires a natural refinement process, it helps the environment by reducing pollution, conserving water, reducing soil erosion, increasing soil fertility, and using less energy in the process of growing the crops required to make organic vegetable glycerin. Most of the leftover plant materials get fed to animals ending in less waste and aids in providing for our ecosystem.

Our regular glycerin is no less pure but is not always derived from organic vegetables and can’t be used in certified organic products. This is not a big deal to most, but when using it in organic goods and pharmaceutical products it is essential to use high-quality organic ingredients to meet organic product certification requirements.

Why choose Glycerin Supplier?

Glycerin Supplier brings you the highest quality products for the lowest prices. We have the satisfaction of supplying many manufacturers along with food, beauty, and pharmaceutical companies with the ingredients they need when they need it. No matter the quantity, Glycerin Supplier ships the same day on all orders placed before 3 p.m. Our staff is full of qualified professionals and we are always excited to help customers with their needed ingredients. Should you have any other questions regarding our Certified Organic Glycerin or other available products please refer to our FAQ section here, give us a call at 832-795-6898 or chat with a specialist via the chat tool at the bottom right of the page.

Certified Organic
Our Certified Organic Glycerin is certified to Ecocert SAS standards. Keep in mind your organic goods require a minimum of 70% organic ingredients to claim to be organic and 95% to be placed on the label, so using organic glycerin is essential in organic products.

Organic USP Food Grade 99.7% purity.
Great for the food, beverage, and health industries.
No pesticides.
No remnants.


There are no hidden secrets! Our organic glycerin uses the highest quality natural processes from the coconut to packaging and straight into your hands.

Order Sizing
Glycerin Supplier is capable of supplying multiple quantities without delaying lead times. At the current time we are offering 551lb drums.

Popular uses of organic glycerin:

Food – This industry contains the highest amount of certified organic products, but most products within the industry are not organic. Producing food with organic ingredients helps make your product more attractive to today’s health-conscious consumers.

Animals – Give animals and pets the quality you want for yourself. Pets benefit from organic products using glycerin, such as treats, food, and vet treatments.

Household cleaning products - Glycerin is used in household cleaning products such as soap and detergent. These products are facing higher demands for the use of natural ingredients from buyers making organic labels a popular selling point.

Pharmaceutical products - Glycerin is used in most pharma products, such as cough medicine, anesthetics, moisturizers, and many over the counter drugs. Using natural organic glycerin adds comfort during medical use.

Mechanical & Industrial – While organic products are not often used for mechanics, it is great for the customer who cares about the positive environmental impact glycerin has. It can be used in antifreeze, oil substitution, oxygen compressors, types of cement, thermometers, and glassmaking. All of these usually involve hazardous materials and environments. Consider adding organic glycerin to your normal mechanical or industrial routine to protect yourself and others.

Smoking – Glycerin is used in many tobacco and vaping products. Organics help you smoke a more natural product reducing toxins.

Cosmetics – Skin, hair, and nail products are a few of many that contain glycerin because it retains and adds continuous moisture during use.

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