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Triethanolamine 99%

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Triethanolamine 99%

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Triethanolamine 99%


Triethanolamine 99%, often abbreviated as TEA, is a versatile amine chemical recognized for its broad range of industrial applications. Formulated with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, this liquid, ranging from clear to pale yellow, is distinguished by its impressive 99% purity, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistency. Triethanolamine is highly valued for its distinctive attributes, making it a crucial component in formulations requiring precise pH adjustment, effective emulsification, and reliable corrosion inhibition. Its utility spans across diverse sectors, including cosmetics, textiles, metalworking, and chemical manufacturing, establishing Triethanolamine 99% as a trustworthy and indispensable solution for processes that demand precision and consistency. In the realm of metalworking, Triethanolamine 99% plays a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and longevity of cutting fluids and lubricants, ensuring optimal efficiency. The adaptability and purity of Triethanolamine 99% position it as an indispensable element for those seeking reliable and top-tier solutions in various industrial settings. TEA is commonly found in both commercial and residential paints, liquid dishwashing soaps, liquid laundry detergents, printer inks and multi-purpose surface cleaners.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Triethanolamine 99% proves its adaptability across an array of industries, from the formulation of multifunctional cleaning products to integration into metalworking fluids and textiles.
  • pH Precision: Serving as a potent pH adjuster, Triethanolamine 99% becomes an essential component in formulations where meticulous control over acidity or alkalinity is paramount.
  • Emulsifier: Tap into the outstanding emulsifying capabilities of Triethanolamine 99% to achieve stability in blends and formulations across various industrial and commercial applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Leverage the corrosion inhibition properties inherent in Triethanolamine, making it the preferred choice for applications such as metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants.


  • In Chemical Manufacturing, it serves as a pivotal ingredient in a myriad of chemical processes that demand meticulous control over pH levels and formulation stability.
  • Enhancing Industrial Lubricants, it contributes to refining the lubricating properties of oils and greases, thereby optimizing their performance.
  • In Metalworking Fluids, it plays a crucial role in improving the effectiveness and lifespan of cutting fluids and coolants, while also acting as a preventive measure against corrosion.
  • Within the realm of Textiles, it facilitates dyeing processes and elevates the softness of fabrics, adding value to the production of textiles.
  • For Cleaning Products, it acts as both a pH regulator and an emulsifier in a wide range of household and industrial cleaners, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Other Uses encompass its application as a cement grinding aid, in lapping processes, agriculture and photographic chemicals, rubber production, urethane foam production, vat printing pastes, acetate rayon dyes, and various other applications.

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